Vanguard v4 Control Software Release

Traffic agencies have used Vanguard v3 Central Control Software to manage both small and large NTCIP Vanguard Dynamic Message Signs for years. Vanguard v4 features two different suites aimed at providing the exact functionality different users at traffic agencies need.

Read the full news release with an explanation to learn more.

What else is new about Vanguard v4? Much more than a quick blog post could cover! Luckily, we’ve put together a list of 10 important features. If you need more in-depth information, check out the Vanguard v4 Product Page at

  1. Vanguard v4 Server has enhanced firewall capabilities, increasing security — no need to alter your firewall for Vanguard v4 to run through it.
  2. An improved Schedule Studio interface makes building a message schedule a snap.
  3. Graphics and font editing have never been easier. The Content Studio lets you add layers, as well as move text and images anywhere with handy tools, even undo and redo.
  4. Vanguard v4 includes a palette of 32,000+ colors for easy NTCIP message creation.
  5. The greatly improved interface is stylish, easy to navigate, and professional, with side-by-side monitor support.
  6. All your DMS messages can be displayed side-by-side in real time (or in map view) with the Vanguard Display Monitor.
  7. Complete NTCIP v1 and v2 support for pixel-level and component monitoring.
  8. The Standard suite is perfect for field technicians. Monitor and diagnose DMS remotely or on-site with a maintenance laptop.
  9. The Professional suite was designed for traffic management professionals managing networks of DMS. It provides all necessary scheduling, scenario, and message creation tools.
  10. Vanguard v4 Software stems from a long track record of widely-used and trusted NTCIP control software developed by Daktronics since the standard’s inception in 1998.

Even more questions about Vanguard v4 Control Software? Email

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