LED Video Displays Help Airports Chase Elusive Revenue

Airport Large-Scale LED Video Display: Detroit Int'l Airport

Let’s talk about revenue. As the Aviation Market Manager for Daktronics, I’m constantly finding opportunities to help airports and airlines boost the bottom line.

Besides ticket sales, airport managers have to consider vendors, restaurants, convenience stores, parking facilities and out-of-house advertisers to keep the revenue ball rolling. All of these considerations add to the challenge of maintaining valuable relationships with the airlines which bring people to the facility in the first place.

Large civic plazas, wide open concourses and ticketing areas provide new opportunities for airports to advertise and entertain. For this application, Daktronics offers large-screen LED video displays which capture attention and show people how to spend their money. Shops, kiosks, restaurants and other vendors benefit from this technology because it can show patrons how to find them and also advertise sales or specials.

Speaking of advertising – Airport Improvement Magazine published an article by Jodi Richards in which she discussed some innovative marketing solutions for revenue-seeking airports. This article really struck a chord with me because Daktronics has been developing innovative solutions for the aviation market for more than 22 years. Our LED display solutions help organizations boost advertising revenue – a stream which flows without relying on the already-strained pockets of passengers within an aviation facility. It provides an avenue for advertisers looking to promote their products and services.

By displaying attention-grabbing content such as data feeds, advertisements, live television, flight information and/or facility directions, Daktronics LED video displays provide an attention-grabbing source of innovative marketing which adds to the overall airport experience. These displays show dynamic, up-to-date advertising which simply can’t be conveyed with traditional static signage. There’s no doubt in my mind that variable messaging and video can help advertisers promote time-sensitive sales, events and specials which are sure to be noticed and appreciated by the traveling crowd.

Current installations in Vancouver, Nashville, Tallahassee and Detroit (shown above) provide opportunities for airports to add to the customer experience as well as to the bottom line.

If you get a moment, check out our family of LED video display products and to consider these offerings for future projects. I’m confident that these solutions can jump-start revenue for any of your aviation clients.

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