Selecting the Best Technology for Your Needs

When considering a display network for an airport or transit facility, picking the best technology can be difficult.

We’d like to help you with this decision.

Several factors give LED display technology an advantage over LCD screens. In terms of visibility, reliability and durability, LED runs ahead of the pack – especially outdoors and for large, indoor displays:

  • On average, LED displays live longer and are more durable: when running 24 hours per day at 77° F, LCD screens will last 5-7 years, while a Daktronics LED display will last 11-20 years at any temperature.
  • LED displays are brighter indoors and out. LCD displays emit a maximum of 1,500 nits while Daktronics LED displays shine up to 10,000 nits. In addition, LED displays commonly have an auto-adjust feature to match the ambient light level – providing maximum legibility and saving energy at night.
  • Daktronics LED displays are available in hundreds of configurations
  • LED displays can show monochromatic or full-color text, graphics and video for pedestrian or long-distance viewing
  • LED displays can show large-scale HD video without splicing several screens together – eliminating the visible bezels which interrupt large-scale displays made from several LCD monitors.
  • LED displays are more cost effective to maintain due to their modular component assembly

Although the trend is still fairly young for applications in transportation, Daktronics has been leading the LED video display industry for decades. You’ve probably already seen it at your favorite professional team’s facility.

Daktronics engineers and applications managers are developing and finding new ways to apply this technology every day.

For more information on LED technology, visit our DMS 101 section on

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