Seattle DOT Provides Surface-Street Drive Times with Daktronics LED Technology

Seattle DOT Travel Time Map

This screenshot from the Seattle DOT’s blog shows the interactive map which is integrated with the new travel-time project.

The Seattle DOT recently installed a progressive surface-street travel-time display system in the downtown area. Seattle is the first city to deploy such a system.

In a nutshell, these five displays show travel times from a system which scans license plates and measures the time between scans.

The Daktronics displays are installed at these five locations:

  • Fauntleroy Way SW
  • 35th Ave SW
  • 1st Ave S
  • 4th Ave S
  • Holman Rd NW

In addition, drivers can look up these travel times online at SDOT’s Travelers Information Website before leaving home or work. According to a report from Seattle’s KOMO News the project is intended to increase fuel efficiency while reducing emissions and delays.

I’m very excited to see a city DOT taking advantage of the LED display technology to serve its community in such an innovative way.

For more information, check out KOMO News report and SDOT’s news report about the project.

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