Vancouver International Airport Flying High With Video Message Centers

YVR FIDS Display

As the gateway to the 2010 Winter Olympics, Vancouver International Airport (YVR) guided and impressed the visiting crowd by installing large, video-capable LED displays to provide flight information, advanced graphics and video in multiple languages.

The video message centers are located in three areas of the facility. First, a high-resolution PS-10i video display coupled with a large flight information display is positioned over the Air Canada check-in counter. Next, another high-resolution PS-10i display entertains and informs in the food court, creating a relaxing area that customers use to eat and socialize before they board their planes. Finally, a PT-8i display, featuring 8 mm resolution for even closer viewing distances, hangs above the customs counter to provide extremely legible text and video in many languages.

YVR integrated the Daktronics displays with their software systems, which allows instant, dynamic updating of information in different languages. For example, if there is heavy traffic flying in from Japan, YVR will display information in Japanese on the video boards for a greater percentage of time.

Explore the Video Displays or Flight Information Display System (FIDS) aviation application pages for more information.

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