Daktronics Debuts AF-6200 and AF-6300 Message Centers

Daktronics recently introduced two new message centers to the aviation, mass transit and parking markets. The AF-6200 and AF-6300 feature many enhancements and integration capabilities requested by architects, engineers, consultants and integrators in these industries.

The AF-6200 and AF-6300 provide increased legibility and enhanced contrast with a special polycarbonate face and black-based LEDs. Tested and rated with the NEMA-4X durability standard, these displays stand up against tampering, brake dust intrusion and harsh weather environments. Due to their robust design and optimal clarity, the AF-6200 and the AF-6300 can be confidently installed and easily maintained in bus stops, rail platforms, parking facilities and airports.

The tri-color AF-6200 shows text in green, red or amber for clear dynamic messaging and greater content flexibility – a capability requested by facility managers and display operators. In addition, the AF-6200 features 8mm pixel pitch which creates text with character sizes from 2.1 to 9.6 inches – showing an optimally legible message which complies with ADA requirements.

The monochromatic AF-6300 integrates with third-party software to provide pixel-level diagnostics, optimal message legibility and communication reporting The first integration feature, in the event of an LED failure, identifies the exact location of the failed LED – saving time and money by eliminating the need for troubleshooting. Secondly, display operators can set a custom legibility threshold which “blanks” the AF-6300 if the configured percentage of pixels fail. This feature ensures that a clear message is being displayed to the facility’s patrons. The third integration feature – known as “comm loss” – blanks the AF-6300 in the event that the communication is disrupted between the controller and the display. This feature ensures that the display is showing timely, correct information for the travelers in the facility.

The AF-6300 is available in both 8 and 12 mm pixel pitches. The 12 mm option is designed for applications with longer viewing distances and also meets ADA requirements for text heights.

For more information on these two new displays, visit the product pages on http://www.daktronics.comAF-6200, AF-6300 8 mmAF-6300 12 mm.

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