Full-color displays help airlines reinforce brands and swap ticket counters

Showing drivers exactly where to stop, curbside displays increase safety and reduce congestion for airports across the country. These installations direct passengers to the nearest ticket counter and guide returning travelers to waiting shuttles, vans or taxis.

Our newest display for curbside applications is the AF-3500 which is a full-color display available in 16 and 20 mm pixel pitches. It creates bright, colorful messages which stand up to harsh outdoor ambient conditions.

Nashville Int'l Airport

Bold Branding

Airlines spend an incredible amount of money on marketing and advertising to build brand recognition. The new Galaxy AF-3500 display accurately portrays these full-color airline logos and names which are easily recognized from the street.

Orlando Int'l Airport

Proven Performance

These displays are fitted with front-facing louvers which shade the LEDs for optimal contrast. In addition, the AF-3500 shows an impressive 9,500 nits of variable brightness to stand up to harsh ambient light.

Miami Int'l Airport

Valuable Flexibility

If an airport adds or changes airlines, they don’t need to invest in new signage. The displays are easily updated with just a few keystrokes. Also, these displays can be configured to automatically change with a rotating schedule.

Visit Daktronics.com/Aviation for more information on the AF-3500 or our other options for curbside applications.

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