Full Color Messaging, Part 2: Future-proof your DMS system with NTCIP 1203 v02

NTCIP Graphic

Since the birth of the standard in 1998, Daktronics has held a voting seat on the Dynamic Message Sign Working Group of the National Transportation Communications for ITS Protocol. This group is responsible for NTCIP 1203 v02 – a document which ensures the compatibility and interoperability of DMS equipment from competing manufacturers.

This team of manufacturers (including our market competitors), transportation agencies and system designers has continually improved this standard to reflect the rapid development of DMS technology. Most recently, the committee has set up some important standards for full-color dynamic messaging.

The latest edition of NTCIP 1203 includes standard definitions for communicating graphics and colors on LED displays. These definitions open up a wide range of possibility for agencies to expand their full-color, full-matrix DMS systems with equipment from multiple manufacturers. Daktronics is particularly proud of this achievement because it is in the best interest of our current and potential ITS customers.

In addition to graphics and colors, the NTCIP DMS Working Group also expanded definitions for diagnostics reporting capabilities. What does this mean? Simply put, agencies can now compare apples to apples when they check the status of all of their equipment – regardless of the manufacturer.

Lastly, NTCIP 1203 v02 contains key requirements for displaying content on full-matrix displays, including message “tags” which allow agencies to show text alongside graphics on different areas of the display. This update offers key flexibility for DMS users to get the most out of their investment in the latest DMS technology.

This keeps Daktronics on its toes. By requesting NTCIP compliance in their specifications, agencies are ensuring the expandability of their systems – giving us more motivation to continue producing products of the highest quality.

The DMS industry is deeply competitive, but in the most positive way. Just like any governing body, the NTCIP DMS Working Group has been able to put aside its differences to make important compromises and move the industry in a very constructive direction.

If you have any questions about the NTCIP compliance of Daktronics products, please feel free to contact us at any time so we can find a future-proof solution for your organization.

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