Daktronics Technology Welcomes Passengers to Expanding Inter-City Mass Transit Network

RMTD worked diligently with local contractors to design a unique, community-conscious facility strategically located on the east side of the city.

According to RMTD Executive Director Rick McVinnie, the Eastside Transfer Center is an important step in a scalable mass transit plan.

“By building and opening and East Side Transfer Center we are laying the foundation for a seamless public transportation network beyond Rockford, into Belvedere, Cherry Valley Loves Park, Machesney Park and right up to the state line,” said McVinnie. He also noted that RMTD plans to expand service throughout the area by using existing highways – like I-90 – and by growing Lyford Road to the west of the new transfer center.

The project also relied on funding from Illinois’ Inter City Bus Program which encourages neighboring cities to link their mass transit systems. By helping people travel to the neighboring municipalities, Rockford is hoping to open employment possibilities and valuable retail development. This practice is intended to generate tax revenue which, in-turn, sustains the city’s budget.

The RMTD will hold a grand opening ceremony for the new facility on Saturday, Oct. 22.

If you get a chance to visit the new East Side Transfer Center, take a look at their Daktronics Galaxy® AF-3500 message center which will be welcoming passengers and guests to the new facility.

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