New Displays Sustain Safety and Minimize Maintenance on New Hampshire’s I-93

New Hampshire DOT DMS installation photo

Adding two lanes to 20 miles of an interstate is a daunting task, but when it results in safety and mobility for millions of motorists, New Hampshire’s project will be well worth the effort.

Like the Granite State’s rolling hills, the idea of free-flowing, stress-free traffic paints a beautiful picture for visitors and residents alike. There’s no doubt that the project will make a lasting impact, especially because it involves several innovative and economical elements of ITS technology.

Perhaps the most apparent technology used in the I-93 project will be a series of Daktronics Vanguard® dynamic message signs. With data integration, these intelligent displays will provide up-to-the-minute travel times, safety messages and weather conditions for motorists to make informed decisions. Mounted on cantilever structures, these walk-in displays are easily accessed for maintenance without disrupting the normal flow of traffic.

Also connecting with real-time data, several Daktronics dual variable speed limit signs (VSLS) will set minimum and maximum speeds. This application promotes smooth, safe traffic — especially during peak hours.

The Salem-to-Manchester rebuild has no less than 25 phases, the last of which will be completed in 2020.

In a recent interview published in Traffic Technology International, ITS Manager Denise Markow explained her department’s approach to the challenge.

“NHDOT is excited about bringing innovative technology to its roadways,” she said. “The ability to monitor and react to roadway incidents and conditions in real-time will allow us to better manage the growing traffic along our corridors.”

To manage the forecasted traffic increase, New Hampshire DOT plans to use the new DMS to communicate traffic incident delays, inclement weather warnings and public service announcements. Additionally, the traffic management center will use the VSLS to adjust speed limits based on I-93’s real-time traffic conditions.

By installing the Vanguard displays on I-93, New Hampshire has become the forty-fifth U.S. state to deploy Daktronics DMS.

Denise noted the benefits of working with experienced ITS manufacturers such as Daktronics.

“Working with our regional Daktronics salesperson and project management team has been great,” she said. “The DMS, VSLS and control software that they proposed for this project are the perfect solution for our long-term goals.”

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