Passenger Communication at its Finest

Sky Harbor Int'l Airport Roadway Installlation Photo

In the world of consumer electronics, online retailers like Amazon, Tiger Direct and Newegg continue to chomp away at our local brick-and-mortar stores. Most analysts blame it on any combination of poor customer service, convenience and price.

I would contend that it’s a lack of well-delivered, well-timed information.

These days, I would contend that not many people head to local retailers without first consulting reviews on Amazon or CNET. Especially when it comes to things like 50-inch flat-screen TVs, we want to have confidence in choices that we make.

Airport managers, architects, integrators, engineers and consultants should take note.

Throughout the past decade, a slew of new challenges have piled up on airports. The mention of strikes, construction, cancellations or fees will send chills down any aviation manager’s neck. It’s a tough business, and Daktronics understands it.

In the past few years, we’ve equipped several major airports to overcome these challenges with digital signage. From the driveway entrance to curbside drop-off areas, our technology enables airports to show the right information at the right time. And unlike static signage, our displays adapt to change. Whether you want to welcome a specific group of people to town, guide peak-hour traffic or reassign ticket counters, Daktronics signage enables you to make active, thoughtful changes to provide a better passenger experience.

While they won’t solve or prevent strikes, construction, cancellations or fees, digital signage lets passengers know what’s going on – even before they get out of their vehicles. This gives passengers the information and confidence they desire in such a potentially-stressful experience.

Clear, timely, well-performed communication plays a central role in all aspects of customer service. For this reason, airports’ ability to adapt to change has never been more valuable.

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