What to Expect from your Display Manufacturer


There seems to be an endless sea of LED display manufacturers these days. From industry veterans to companies just getting into the business, it can be difficult to navigate the waters. As technology continually evolves, (made apparent by the heaping box of outdated iPhone’s in our IT department) how do you get a handle on what manufacturer will best fit your needs?

There are a lot of things to consider. What type of technology is best? What should I expect with product features, lifetime, and service after the sale? If you’re new to the digital movement, how do you anticipate what your needs will be a year down the road, five years, ten?

Knowing what questions to ask about LED billboard technology is half the battle. No one looks forward to buyer’s remorse!

After evaluating the instrumental recommendations from our customers and tapping our more than a decade of OOH industry experience, we compiled facts and figures that help explain what one should expect from their digital billboard manufacturer.

Check out these 5 visual stories or “infographics” on what to expect from your digital display manufacturer: www.daktronics.com/smarttechnology

Beyond technology, here are a few more questions to consider: Digital Billboard Common Questions

Our team’s goal is to provide you the best technology, service plan, and ideas that will help generate revenues for your business. We do our best, but we aren’t perfect and are constantly looking to advance our products and services. Are there areas where you would like to see digital display manufacturers improve? New products? Features? Let us know!

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