Top 5 Reasons to Visit Daktronics at the OAAA/TAB National Convention

OAAA Photo1. Lay your eyes (and hands) on our NEW sleek, high-resolution LED street furniture display.  Already popular in Europe, LED street furniture is poised to revolutionize the way advertisers get their message to consumers.

2. Have a project in mind? We offer the most reliable digital billboard technology, but we also offer a variety of freeform LED products for that special project.  Stop by take a look at “pucks” and “sticks” and the versatility they offer.

3. Become an LED technology expert after running through our Technology That Expects Everything You Didn’t campaign. Our team will share ways to save time, money and energy with our digital billboard solutions.

4. Amongst our team … Jeremy Johnson and Jerry Young will be present and you never can predict what they may have up their sleeves.  Jerry recently poured his cocktail over a module to prove that it is water-tight!

5. Most importantly, we just like to see you!

Visit us at booths 307 & 309. See you there!

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