Expect Display Health 24/7

Display Health

When digital billboards are part of your business and livelihood, dependable display performance matters. Although digital displays may appear the same at first glance, not all are created equal. From different grades of LEDs to weather-sealed components, you get what you pay for.

For the purposes of this post we want you to be aware that there are different levels of display monitoring out there. You may need more or less, but you should at least know what your options are when you are looking to purchase. Be sure that whatever manufacturer you choose meets your long-term needs.

Consider how you’d like your displays’ health monitored:

  • From one central location VS logging in to each one individually to check status
  • A system that potentially catches errors before they become visual VS a wall of hundreds of webcam shots with one set of eyes
  • Alerts down to the component level VS a “working” or “not working” alert
  • A centralized strategy with a broad range of detectable issues VS a service without these capabilities

Call your Daktronics sales rep if you would like to learn more about display monitoring options, or take a look at our Display Health infographic and learn more about what to expect.

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