Labor Day Weekend Means Travel Time (Plug-In)

Labor Day and vacation typically go hand-in-hand. It’s the last big push for summer travel before the weather starts getting cooler. There’s a schedule to keep to fit everything into a vacation. Usually, you start by plugging info into a mapping site to estimate how long it takes to get from point A to point B. Great. Now, how about when you’ve hit the open road?

Anxious to reach your destination, you pull out your mobile device to estimate how long it will take to get there. But wait, there’s a dynamic message sign on the side of the road that has the answer for you! Where did that come from? Introducing: the Travel Time plug-in—it knows exactly where you are (unlike spotty mobile coverage) and forecasts how long it will take you to reach a specified destination. It even factors in congestion! How did it figure that out? Glad you asked.

Here’s how it works

Along the roadside, 3rd-party sensors collect travel data and send it to our Vanguard® Professional Software that “talks” to the sign. The software houses a Travel Time plug-in which interprets the data and determines when you’ll reach said destination. Then it shifts over to the Content Studio application within the software which translates the criteria into understandable messages. It can be customized before being sent to the Dynamic Message Sign (DMS) that you just passed on the roadway, giving you the information you seek without digging for it.

As your travel along our interstate system, you’ll see an increase in travel time messaging across the country. Why, you ask? Because Departments of Transportation find them to be a valuable tool in providing drivers with real-time, useful information. Daktronics is glad to provide helpful information for your drive. Happy Labor Day, and safe travels to everyone this weekend!

For more information about the uses and effectiveness of Travel Time signage, click here.

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