Offer Financing, Increase Your Sales

FinancingGraphicDo your customers hesitate to pay a large lump sum for a display? Have you talked to them about the financing opportunities available through Daktronics and PNC Equipment Finance?

Financing puts your customers in a great position. Instead of a significant capital expense, they can make affordable monthly payments, funded by their advertising budget. And their new display is driving sales while they make those low payments.

According to reports we’re hearing from the field, sign companies leveraging this service are taking away bids from their competitors. Offering financial options is a significant way to differentiate your company.

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  1. PNC has screwed every banking customer I know including us repeatedly. I’ve had to report them the the Federal Reserve due to unethical banking practices. I took an accounting class at a local college a few years ago and the day we discussed banks…100% of the bookkeepers in the room spoke out about PNC being the worst bank in America and how their company had to leave that bank for unethical banking practices. Even the teacher, who works during the day as an accountant for the largest employer in this region told the class her company has had to leave PNC for the same reasons. It was determined unanimously that PNC is the worst bank in America but the Federal reserve told me it is the 2nd worst bank…Bank of America has even more complaints against it.

    Why would Dak want to do business with PNC?


    1. Thank you for your feedback. Daktronics expects that our employees and our partners maintain the highest ethical business standards. We have been working with PNC Finance (the equipment finance branch) for years now. During this time the service we have received has been excellent and they have worked hard to find the best financing solutions for our customers.


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