Cincy Digital Talks About Their LED Billboard Experience


In a recent interview with Howard Jackson, Co-Founder of Cincy Digital LLC, he shared his personal experience with digital billboard advertising and working with Daktronics. Cincy Digital is located in Cincinnati, Ohio. They offer advertisers the ability to reach and engage consumers by using a digital display for their business.

Q. What services does Cincy Digital provide?
A. “Cincy Digital specializes in LED digital billboards and technology. It’s a locally owned out-of-home, full-service media firm. We’ve been in business for 12 years.”

Q. What did you do before entering the digital billboard advertising industry?
A. “We sold mechanical tri-vision billboard displays. Then we noticed LED digital technology changing the out-of-home media industry. You get noticed, create memorable exposure, and increase ROI.”

Q. Why did you enter the billboard advertising industry?
A. “Digital displays are a great media for advertising, like the displays you see in NFL football stadiums. We saw an opportunity to make money. With our prior experience working with mechanical tri-vision displays, we knew it was a great transition for our company.”

“So we began researching digital displays. The technology offers a high quality advertising medium. We sell the opportunity to bring multiple advertising to one outlet. There is a strong future for digital billboard technology.”

Q. How was your experience working with Daktronics?
A. “We went through an exhausting process of looking at digital display manufacturers. Daktronics stood out because of its reputation, quality and service. They were the best choice for us.”

“We actually visited the manufacturing facility at the corporate office in Brookings, SD. We were very impressed, especially with the Live Events manufacturing. Also, we talked to other customers who had great things to say about Daktronics.”

“After all of our research and decision, we never looked back. Daktronics delivered. The installation was seamless and the displays are operating at peak performance. We’ll continue to look for more opportunities to grow our business.”

Find out more about Cincy Digital:
Learn more about what to Expect from a digital billboard manufacturer:

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