Don’t Overlook This Niche

GraphicHave you called on the carwashes in your area? This is a $24 billion industry with a bright future as fewer and fewer car owners wash their cars at home.*

Here are some great talking points:

  1. Carwashes depend a lot on impulse sales, and LED signs stimulate unplanned buying.
  2. This niche’s slow time is Tuesday through Thursday, and a sign can increase business on those days.
  3. With a flexible LED display, carwashes can take advantage of weather changes and holidays, running messages such as, “Wash the salt off your undercarriage.”
  4. Many facilities use changeable letter boards, plywood signs, and portable plastic signs. A digital display increases curb appeal.

Share this new carwash success story web link: Westside Carwash

If you’d like a free hard copy, talk to your Daktronics representative.

*International Carwash Association,

PHOTO: Westside Carwash, Dover, Delaware

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