Daktronics Researches Display Brightness


Measuring brightness with a nit gun

In our previous post, we announced that we are now a proud member of the Out-of-Home Marketing Advertising Association of Canada (OMAC). Our interaction with the association began with a research project to determine acceptable nighttime brightness levels for LED and static outdoor media in Toronto, Canada.

OMAC president Rosanne Caron asked Daktronics sales representative Sheri Swanson to help lead an illumination market ride through Toronto’s commercial and residential zoned lots for OOH media. Daktronics welcomed this opportunity, because we are committed to educating the industry about display brightness, including standards and measurement.

Swanson measured the brightness levels of OOH advertising displays so that the outdoor companies involved in the project could then adjust their displays remotely. After two market rides over the course of three weeks, they determined acceptable nighttime brightness levels.

This joint effort with the OMAC is just one example of how we help educate OOH customers, government officials, community members, associations and others how to measure, set expectations and regulate brightness.

“We have found that explaining how to objectively measure the brightness of signs in the field and demonstrating how to do so has led to a much better understanding of how to operate and regulate LED signs,”  says Roger Brown, Signage Legislation, Daktronics.

If you have questions or need help regarding digital display brightness, please email us at signagelegislation@daktronics.com

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