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V1500_BasicUser_Kathy2Learn how to use your software!

Seminar software training

Have you received an email from your sign company or Daktronics regarding a web seminar? That is your invitation to register for a  software training. A class may have up to fourteen Venus 1500 users, along with the trainer.

Here is some important information about your seminar training:

One-on-One software training

If you didn’t get an email to register for a seminar class, then you may have a One-on- One Training with one of our Daktronics trainers.  If you believe you have this training coming and have not been contacted by a trainer, please call us, and we’ll schedule a date and time with you for a session.

Both the above training options will provide you with your own video recording of the training session. You can save the recording for practice or to train others in your organization.

One-Day Workshop software training

Our last training option is a One-Day Workshop held at our Corporate Headquarters in Brookings, South Dakota.  It’s a full day of creative fun, including:

  • Tricks of the software
  • Two free content catalogs that you can edit to make your own
  • Consultation with our award-winning Creative Services department
  • Tour of our plant

Register for a One-Day Workshop on Thursday, April 3, 2014 at 

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