Make More Money; Keep More Customers

Providing customer service opens up a new revenue stream and creates repeat business.

Providing customer service opens up a new revenue stream and creates repeat business.

81% of customers are willing to pay more for a better customer experience.*

70% have stopped buying goods or services from a company after experiencing poor customer service.*

These statistics reveal that good service is important to customers. Are you taking steps to build service relationships with customers? What are you doing to keep that revenue stream open and to build loyalty?


Ask yourself the following questions as you think about your service strategy:

  1. When the equipment you sell is reliable, it may be years before your customer needs help. How will they remember who to call?
  1. What marketing materials do you use to make customers aware that you provide service?
  1. Are you calling customers a month before your labor warranty expires to offer them an extension?
  1. Are you making regular phone calls to ask them how their equipment is running?
  1. Are you reminding your customers about your company by contacting them about filter changes, fan replacement, washing, or new content on the Daktronics buy site?


We can handle your customer service. If your business model doesn’t include the required investment in training, tools, and technology to service Daktronics message centers, designate us as the maintenance services provider.

Just notify your Daktronics coordinator or sales rep about your preferred Service Delivery option at the time of your quote.

Find common product questions answered at

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*Oracle 2012 CX Index Report, “Why Customer Satisfaction Is No Longer Good Enough.”

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