Down By the Bay

San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) recently put in a purchase order of $1.1 million for  high resolution, full-color 6 mm mass transit signage for their passenger information system along the new Warm Springs, San Jose Berryessa and East Contra Costa (eBART) extensions. As the fifth-largest transit center in America, they tend to stay pretty busy, transporting over eight million travelers a year between the East and West Bay.

The intent of the signs is to help guide passengers efficiently to their next destination by reducing confusion with timely updates, while welcoming travelers to respective facilities. With such tight resolution, rail line information can be displayed using line color designation, color text, icons, as well as train status and wayfinding information.


BART is no stranger to Daktronics. In fact, we’ve been their display provider for 15 years. As our first mass transit order, they’ve seen just how long our signs last, how dependable they are, and returned to us to provide them with new options to future-proof their facilities. Mass Transit Niche Manager Dale Storhaug commented, “Having a customer relationship built on that level of loyalty, acquired through a history of years of working together, is invaluable.”

Daktronics provides a complete range of scalable matrix sizes, offering product solutions that best answer customer needs. To view a complete list of our mass transit displays, visit

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