Riley Outdoor Shares their Thoughts on Digital Billboard Advertising

Riley Outdoor

Upgrading to digital billboard displays may seem intimidating at first. But with the help of Daktronics, the process is easy. With vivid colors and remarkable image detail, digital billboards deliver first-rate content that impresses advertisers and bystanders alike. But don’t take our word for it! Robert Moore, owner of Riley Outdoor, has twenty years of experience with billboard advertising. In a recent interview, here’s what Robert has to say about digital billboards and his continued relationship with Daktronics:

Q. How did you get involved in billboards and out-of-home advertising?
A. “I actually entered the billboard business in late 1996 while I was still in school at East Carolina University. I immediately fell in love with the business. It’s been nearly 20 years later I am still doing what I love.”

Q. What was the most challenging/intimidating part about going digital?
A. “The most challenging part of going digital for me was whether or not my customers and the market would accept this very new way to advertise. We first ventured into the digital market back in 2007. At that time, there were very few digital displays in North Carolina, and those displays were primarily owned by larger media companies. It was a big step for Riley Outdoor to take, and now seven years later we are very glad we took that risk.”

Q. What type of content does Riley Outdoor run on their displays?
A. “Our list of customers is very diverse, including: dentists, major television networks, national cell phone companies, colleges, regional cable companies, insurance agents, agricultural businesses, lawn equipment companies, landscapers, churches and local nonprofit organizations.”

Q. How do you attract or gain new advertisers?
A. “We’ve been so fortunate especially with the locations of our displays. They’re located in high traffic areas and most of our customers have reached out to us with an interest in advertising.”

Q. How does the content created for static traditional compare to what is created for digital?
A. “The content created for digital is often very different than traditional static outdoor content. I find that advertisers are more willing to take a risk with digital knowing they can change content if the message is not well received or if the market changes.”

Q. Do you have advertisers that leverage the benefits of advertising on both your static and digital displays? What is the benefit of a digital display compared to static?
A. “I do not have many advertisers that use both static and digital displays. Most of my digital advertisers are exclusively digital. Some benefits for those who advertise with a digital display are high visibility in excellent locations and the ability to craft a message to an audience that changes on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Q. How do communities around your digital displays respond to the technology?
A. “I have found that communities are generally very accepting of digital displays. They often find the displays to be useful for announcing public service ads and community events. Billboard companies should work with local officials and educate them on the community benefits with digital billboards instead of trying to force new and evolving products into their areas.

Q. What’s the value behind digital billboard displays?
A. “The value of digital billboards is the ability to tailor your messages to your audience and to have the flexibility to change messages as the audience changes.”

Q. How has your experience been working with Daktronics?
A. “For over seven years now, I have been working with Daktronics. My experience has been wonderful, whether I am on the phone with network operations center or working with Matt Newton and Jesse Ulrickson. When a new project arises, I always feel that Daktronics puts the customer first and truly takes ownership for the success of your project.”

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