Digital Screens Transform OOH Mall Space into Destinations

Download our exciting new mall brochure.

Download our exciting new mall brochure.

Yes, more people shop online every day. But shopping centers still appeal to customers who savor the buying experience. LED digital signage in malls help immerse these shoppers into a dynamic ambience that keeps them coming back.

An increasing variety of interior and exterior LED solution converts a shopping center into an entertainment destination. A short list includes:

  • Rotating interior LED banners
  • Displays extended over exterior/ interior walls
  • Exterior marquees
  • Way-finding signage

Shopping center owners use LED signage to:

  • Communicate brand awareness for the mall and individual tenants
  • Launch products
  • Promote events at the point of sale
  • Sponsorship ads
  • Live events, such as fashion shows

Download our brochure, Revitalizing Mall Media with Creative LED Solutions, to discover more about malls and LED signage.

See our LED video banner impact shoppers’ mall experience, GGP Water Tower Place video

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