Now That We Have Your Attention…

Massachusetts Department of Transportation knows how to host a good contest. If you remember a few weeks back, they amused travelers with a memorable safety message splashed across their dynamic message signs featuring some common vernacular: “Changing lanes? Use yah blinkah.” Now, MassDOT wants to take it up a notch to combat road rage, distracted driving and encourage seat belt use.


The agency’s #DOTSPEAK contest is seeking submissions of clever safety messages to feature on their display boards. Submissions need to fit these criteria: two panel messages of 3 lines per panel, with 8 characters per line. No profanity is allowed, but common texting abbreviations are permissible along with local dialect. Messages can feature the following special characters: . , ? ! & # – 

Each winner receives a $50 gift card from MassDOT service plaza partners, including Burger King, Dunkin Donuts, Exxon Mobil and McDonald’s. Additionally, each winner will receive a $100 gift card from service plaza partner Gulf. Submissions are due by August 1. Winning submissions will be shown the following dates: Road Rage Category Winner — August 15-18; Distracted Driving Category Winner — Labor Day Weekend; Seatbelt Use Category Winner — Columbus Day Weekend.   

Enter submissions with @MassDOT for Twitter, and Instagram with @MassDOT with #DOTSPEAK.

For more information, check out the DOT’s link here.

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