Plan Your Ad Campaign

Include public service announcements in your ad campaign.

Include public service announcements in your ad campaign.

Do more than just manage your sign. Increase your ROI! Take some time to plan how you want to use your message display.

Start your ad campaign by brainstorming what you want the display to feature for the next 12 months. Don’t assume that passers-by have noticed your facility or that they know what you offer. These ideas will help you get started:

  • Monthly promotion of a specific service/product
  • Seasonal services/ products
  • Holiday-related services/products

Also, think about how your campaign can involve community events and public service announcements. A recent survey* revealed that 55% of shoppers believe a message board shows the store cares about the community. So it’s important to take a look at your city’s calendar to tie in specials with local tournaments, meets, and events.

With Venus® 1500 control software it’s easy to keep your content fresh and avoid leaving a message up for weeks on end.

Remember our article about using the Presets? You can run the same content but change the look quickly by using a Preset. Also take a look at page 2 of our “Getting Started with Presentations” worksheet.

Don’t miss our next post! We’ll show you how easy it is to support your favorite charity.

* The Economic Impact of Exterior Electronic Message Boards, April 2014

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