Cash for Your Photos

Night shot of Shooting Star Casino by Dan Combs.

This great photo by Dan Combs won first place.

Congratulations to our photo contest winners!

Use the photos below in the Photo Gallery to help you sell to casinos and auto dealerships.

Dan Combs
Indigo Signworks,Alexandria, MN
Shooting Star Casino and Hotel, Mahnomen, MN

Bob Wolfe
Indigo Signworks, Alexandria, MN
Marthaler Chevrolet, Glenwood, MN

Send us your photos!

  1. Email commercial photos to
  2. Enter the installation name and city/state in the email’s subject line.
  3. Attach a PDF of the order acknowledgement or include the order number in your email.

Here are some tips:

  • Use a digital camera, not a phone.
  • Set the camera’s resolution to its highest option.
  • Take several photos.
  • Wait for good content on the display before you snap the photo.


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