Top Four Most-Viewed Videos

Los Angeles Airport Time Tower

Los Angeles Airport Time Tower

Out of all our video footage, these are our top 4 most-watched video clips to date. A lot of people must be interested in LED component testing and display reliability, because it’s the #1 video on our list.

Take a look and let us know what your favorite is:

Product Reliability Lab
Get behind the scenes to see our lab at work, testing our products to the limit. Length: 1:30

LAX Time Tower Lapse
Check out the amazing content on the Los Angeles airport’s 72-foot-tall Time Tower elevator. Length: 1:54

LED Digital Street Furniture
See our new eye-level video display solution in action! Length: 0:52

Phoenix Island LED Architecture
Don’t miss this one! Architectural LED elements light up the island’s luxury buildings. Length: 2:56

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