Foreign Language Support Requirements (World Type)

Are you interested in using Venus 1500 control software to create messages in languages other than English? Last week, we showed you how to do this if you only occasionally need this feature. If you use world text more often, this article is for you. Our software training team offers you some great tips below.

Foreign language support within Venus 1500 Content Studio requires the following:
Requirement 1:
The font must support the characters in the desired language.

On-screen keyboard

On-screen keyboard

Requirement 2:
A keyboard or some type of input device to type text—you can use the on-screen keyboard in Microsoft Windows.

Requirement 3:
The regional settings on the operating system should be set up appropriately, based on the desired language. This is important for the input device to know what language to use.

For example, to use Ukrainian in Content Studio, an operator can use Arial font, a Ukrainian keyboard, and configure the appropriate Ukrainian regional settings in the operating system.

Use Microsoft Word to verify if a font can be used in the language of your choice. Take a look at this webpage to see all the languages supported by Unicode (added to Venus 1500 since version 4.9):

See more information about using non-English languages at the back of the version 4 Help Guide (located by going to the Application Menu > Help > Contents).

Use today’s information if you frequently need to use a foreign language. If you only occasionally need to add foreign text, please refer back to last week’s blog article, ¡Aquí se habla español!


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