What to Expect: Installing a Digital Billboard on a New Site

Brittany Venekamp, Daktronics Project Manager, supports OOH companies

Brittany Venekamp, Daktronics Project Manager, supports OOH companies

When we took a look at your replies to our OOH survey, the following topic interested 99% of respondents:  How easy is it to install a Daktronics digital billboard on a new site?

With that question in mind, we turned to Brittany Venekamp, Daktronics project manager, to shed some light on installing a digital display. Brittany’s a good resource because she works a lot with independent billboard companies new to digital.

What worries OOH companies the most about the new installation process?

Brittany: I think one thing is just fear of the unknown. So we fill in the blanks. We’ll dedicate a project manager to you, and the support system Daktronics has in place takes customers through the process step by step.

How does Daktronics help installation at a new site?

Brittany: Installation is typically made up of three parts: mechanical, electrical, and control. We don’t just provide you with the digital billboard itself. We also can recommend reputable vendors: structure fabricators, installers, electricians, and Internet services, if needed. Our relationship with so many reputable providers is a big help to our partners.

We’re always on hand to answer any equipment questions you might have, too.

Every new installation is different, and some people are more experienced with digital than others. But Daktronics is really good at walking companies new to digital through the installation process.

How long does the process take?

Brittany: Once ordered, the process takes about 6- 8 weeks for manufacturing and delivery. We also have stock units available in standard sizes, if you’re looking for a quicker turn around.

An installation typically takes a full day to perform from delivery, installation, and configuration of the display. Each installation is different and can take longer or shorter, depending on the site.

Digital billboard installation site photo

Digital billboard installation site photo

Does Daktronics ever get any feedback from the sign installers about our billboards?

Brittany: Yes, we get good feedback. They tell us that our signs are easy to install. That means a quicker, cheaper installation.

Do you have more questions? Contact us online at http://www.daktronics.com/en-us/contact/corporate > Interest/ Application/System for Commercial/Advertising > Digital Billboards

For additional information and to request pricing: www.daktronics.com/billboards

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