Keeping It Clean—Digital Billboard Content Guidelines

No matter how cutting-edge your digital billboard may be, without powerful content, your clients won’t get the sales lift they’re looking for. When it comes to content creation, this different medium needs a different approach.

A print ad must contain a lot of information–it has just one shot with the viewer. On the other hand, a digital billboard can display multiple messages in a series of rotations.

Effective Content

Effective Content

For this reason, experienced digital designers create simple, clean messages with few elements. The ad to the right is a good example:

  • Only two graphics: vehicle and logo
  • Minimum amount of text
  • Web site is also the call to action
  • Layout that takes into account that people usually read across and then down
Ineffective Content

Ineffective Content

The bad example, right, sends viewers a confused message:

  • Too much text
  • Cluttered- flag background & overlapping elements
  • Layout doesn’t take advantage of the eye’s natural flow

Learn more about digital display content layout in our next post!

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