Talking to Customers about LED Sign ROI

LED signs stimulate impulse buys.

LED signs stimulate impulse buys.

For most retailers, an LED sign isn’t just “nice to have,” but a “must have.” Digital expert Keith Kelsen says:

“With an estimated 155 million adults in the U.S. viewing out-of-home digital signs each month, this new medium is well on its way to becoming a core element in every professional communicator’s media mix.”1

But an LED is a big investment, and many of our customers hesitate before making a decision to install one. What can you share with them to close the sale?

One point to make is that LED signs stimulate unplanned buying. This is important because up to 80% of total buying is the result of an impulse.1 Just seeing an item for sale motivates people to buy.2

Unlike a static sign, a digital one can run graphics of products to generate sales. Also, digital signs are easy to program. Product users can tailor several messages appealing to many different audiences passing by.

Share this flier with your customers: “How LED Signs Make You Money.”

Share this white paper: “Gaining the Advertising Edge: Why LED Outdoor Displays Are Becoming the Marketing Medium of Choice.”

1 Kelsen, Keith, Digital Signage: Content Strategies for the 5thScreen, 20010.

2 “Turn the Impulse Buy into a Repeat Purchase,” Loyalty 360, April 9, 2012.

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