LED Signs and Summer Heat

Jacksonville, Florida

Jacksonville, Florida

Summer heat and sunlight can have an effect on any outdoor electronic device.  If you’ve been in a greenhouse as the sun rises, you’ve noticed how it warms up. This effect, called solar gain, also happens when sunlight falls on the surface of a digital display.

Manage the heat

This heat, the heat of the air around and inside the display, and the heat generated by the electricity running through a customer’s display must be managed in order to keep it running as expected. Here are a few simple steps that will help Daktronics Galaxy, GalaxyPro, and other digital displays manage the heat.

Step 1

If the display is equipped with ventilation fans, Daktronics suggests checking them before the display may experience high regional temperatures. Find fan information for each display model by reviewing the manual at:

Step 2

If the display is equipped with air filters, Daktronics suggests servicing them while checking the ventilation fans. The filters may need to be cleaned or replaced.  Check these more frequently if the display is located in a dusty location or if construction has been taking place close by.

Step 3

Make sure all of the display ventilation openings are unobstructed and allow free movement of air in and out of the display.

Step 4

Allow for air movement around the outside of the display. Think of the display chassis as a large computer heat sink. The more air that flows across its surface, the higher amount of heat will be carried away.

So what happens when the internal temperature rises?

If the display begins to heat up, it may initiate a thermal dimming protection mode. As its internal temperature reaches in between 60°C  to 70°C (140°F to 158°F), about where metal feels too hot to touch,  it will incrementally begin to dim itself down to manage the electrical heat it is generating.

Search our online Knowledge Base

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