Boost Sales with Your LED Sign

Having a slow day? Use Venus® 1500 control software to try out some of the content ideas below:

Use changes in the seasons and in the weather to create content.

  • After a snow storm, a car wash can run a message such as, “Come in and wash the salt off your undercarriage.”
  • When school starts, retailers can sell clothes, lunch items, football gear, school supplies, backpacks, and personal grooming items.

Celebrate not just the traditional holidays, but the more obscure ones.

  • National Teacher’s Day, May 6
  • Flag Day, June 14
  • Senior Citizen Day, August 21
  • Boss’s Day, October 16

Schedule a “Welcome to Our City” message to greet attendees coming to an event. Schedule an item or service promotion to follow it.

  • Sports event
  • Convention
  • Fair
  • Rally

Build content around what you want to sell.

  • Mom’s Day Off
  • Father/son event
  • Picnic or camping trip

Visit our Learning Center, a self-guided training site to learn about Venus 1500 software at your own pace.

Take a look at the Adding Text to Layout tutorial video.

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