Entice Drivers to Want a New Ride: Suntrup Ford, St. Louis, Missouri

GalaxyPro video display 20 mm

“People come into our showroom due to the ‘energy’ the sign generates. Customers come in excited and interested in the cars and trucks we’ve displayed on the sign.” Jean Suntrup, General Manager, Suntrup Ford

The Challenge

An almost 25-year-old, large, non functioning sign had overstayed and outlived its usefulness with Suntrup Ford in St. Louis, Missouri. “Our old sign was broken, so we could not advertise on it. More importantly, our property needed a face lift,” says Jean Suntrup, general manager.

About 70,000 vehicles pass the location daily, and the dealership had no way to reach them.

The Solution

Jean and her brother, Tom Suntrup, decided to get the largest LED sign St. Louis County would allow. The permit took two years, but the 200-square feet per face display was worth the wait and investment.

The dealership uses the display mainly to show urgent messages fast, and a product, picture, and price are always on the screen. “We have a full-time eCommerce director who prepares custom graphics and videos for the sign. She makes custom content that looks like watching high-definition television,” says Suntrup.

With their digital display, Suntrup Ford now has no problem reaching drivers and seeing if they want their own face lift with a vehicle.

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