Flip-HoundLife just got easier for digital billboard owners looking for advertisers. Daktronics recently integrated Fliphound, an online buying platform for digital billboard ad space, into the Visiconn® management software.

“By working with digital billboard market leaders like Daktronics, we can grow the outdoor digital market by helping operators tap into digital advertisers and online buyers to access the $54 billion digital online advertising markets,” said Douglas M. Robertson, Fliphound CEO and co-founder.

Fliphound opens up a whole new customer demographic by connecting advertisers who have never used outdoor advertising before with this medium. Eighty-five percent of Fliphound customers are new to outdoor advertising.

“Millions of small and medium-sized businesses want to buy digital billboards the same way they buy internet and social media ads,” says Robertson.

For more details, see “Fliphound Brings Online Buying of Outdoor Advertising to Daktronics Digital Billboards.”

Also visit http://www.daktronics.com/billboards

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