Software Training Now a Whole Lot Easier for You!

Daktronics software training team

Daktronics software training team

Daktronics provides affordable software training options to our customers, including group web seminars and one-on-one webinar trainings.

To give you a handier, more streamlined training experience, we recently changed our conferencing software. We started using Adobe Connect conferencing software on June 1 for all our Venus® 1500 trainings.

Here are some of the great benefits Adobe Connect brings to our webinars:

  1. No more waiting! Join the training you want when you want it. Adobe Connect offers greater flexibility and more seats. We cap our web seminars at around 20 people, but we can always add more trainees, no problem.
  2. Faster access. To get into the training, simply click the link in your email invite. Previously, attendees had to download twice to get into the training and then download the recording. Now you will just come directly in to the session!
  3. Bypass the phone and call from the computer. Don’t want to enter all those numbers? When you join the meeting, just choose Voice Over IP. But keep in mind, you’ll need a microphone if you do it this way. Another option is to click a button and the meeting will call your phone. Just answer to join the meeting!
  4. Get your questions answered during training. Ask questions when the trainer pauses or chat using the question box.
  5. Download or open resources related to the training. Adobe Connect webinars offer a window for live links or downloads during training.
  6. We’ll send you a training recording in the form of a url. Just save it your Internet Favorites and it’s yours forever. Access at your convenience—the link will stay interactive meaning you can click on any links or download any handout right from the recording.
  7. You missed the training you scheduled? No worries! You’ll receive an email with a link to the recording.

Now that you know about all the great new benefits our trainings have to offer, go ahead and get signed up for one of them below!

Venus 1500 Web Seminars

One-on-one Webinar

As always, thanks for reading our blog and be sure to check back next week!!

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