Windows 10 Is Coming. What Your Customers Need to Know.

Windows 10 logoMicrosoft will release Windows 10 Operating System on July 29, 2015. How will this affect your Venus 1500 v4 users?

Here are your customers’ options:

  1. Stay in your current Windows Operating System and continue to use Venus 1500 V4 as you are today.
  2. Update to Windows 10 and use Venus 1500 V4 as you always have. Our engineers installed Venus 1500 v4 on a Windows 10 Operating System and didn’t notice any notable inconveniences. However, our development of a new software system to be released in fall of 2015 limits continued development on Venus 1500 v4. We don’t plan to redesign Venus 1500 v4 to be compatible with Windows 10 or fully test the software on it.

For more details, see “Windows 10 Is Coming . . . What You Need to Know.”

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