Why Is Good LED Sign Content So Important to You?

Daktronics Creative Services Manager, Gina Peterson

Daktronics Creative Services Manager, Gina Peterson

Are you getting all the mileage you should from the content support your LED sign manufacturer provides? Content can help you make more sales and also keep you in touch with customers to build loyalty.

Before the sale

Are your customers running great content on the LED signs you sold them? If they are, those signs can help drive more sales. Good content isn’t important just to your customers—it’s important to you, too, because it attracts positive attention.

After the sale

Help your customers get set up soon after they purchase their displays by downloading the media kit for them. This will really help them to build effective ad campaigns more easily and give them a good experience with their new system.

Also, if a control software webinar is part of their order, encourage them to sign up and take the training. They’ll become more comfortable using the software.

Later, stop in and ask your customers if they’re finding it easy to come up with messages. Now is a good time to remind them about the Daktronics buy site, filled with affordable content catalogs to freshen up their messages. buyDaktronics.com They may even be interested in custom content.  www.Daktronics.com/commercialcreativeservices

Also stay in touch by sharing the Create Dynamic Messages brochure with them. Explain it’s a guide to help them brainstorm messages to promote their business and also to create great-looking content.

Take a moment to see our Creative Services Manager, Gina Peterson, talk about the support we offer and share content creation tips to relay to your customers.

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