Create Dynamic Content by Utilizing Best Practices

Welcome back, everyone! We have some very helpful information to share with you this week. Please take a moment to watch the video (below) of our Creative Services Manager, Gina Peterson, as she talks about the support we offer and shares tips about content creation so you can get the most out of your display.


As Gina mentioned, Daktronics offers 3 Content Levels. At the top level is the media kit that comes free with the display. You’ll want to download it right when you purchase and install your display.

At the second level is Ecommerce Content that includes many different themes to choose from, as well as some additional FREE content for you to download!

The third option is Custom Content provided by Daktronics Creative Services. Whether you need specific content, or just can’t find your sign size in the Ecommerce Content, they can help!


It is best to plan out your content long term so you can save yourself some time when you create and schedule content. Also, review your content regularly. Remember, it’s just as important to know what doesn’t work as what does work. Check out our previous blog articles on Planning an Ad Campaign!

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  5. Planning Your Ad Campaign – Drive Sales with a Call to Action and Other Content

It is best to avoid using white colors and pastels on your LED display because they don’t have the same visual appeal that deep saturated colors have. Be sure to check out these blog articles on Choosing the Best Background which will help you avoid the eye-repelling harshness of white backgrounds.

  1. Choose the Best Background 1
  2. Choose the Best Background 2
  3. Choose the Best Background 3
  4. Choose the Best Background 4
  5. Choose the Best Background 5

If you have any other questions about creating great-looking content, be sure to check out our Content Best Practices Guide. It’s a great resource! As always, thanks for reading and please let us know if you have any ideas for a good blog topic. Thanks again!!

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