BREAKING NEWS: Today Daktronics Releases the DB-5000 Billboard Series with Venus® Control Suite


Today, Daktronics releases the latest advancement in digital billboard technology, the DB-5000 series. This innovative series sets new image quality standards, couples it with performance and reliability, all while lowering overall cost of ownership.

The DB-5000 pairs with the Daktronics new, cloud-based control solution for out of home advertising, the Venus® Control Suite.

While the key feature of the DB-5000 is the addition of a revolutionary LED for the industry, this new digital billboard comes loaded with new additions:

  • An LED specific to the industry
  • Cloud-managed networking and security
  • Browser-based software
  • Front and rear billboard access
  • Integrated SmartLinkTM remote power control
  • Three proprietary methods of calibration

Check out our new LED video.

Want more details? Read the news release: “Daktronics Introduces Revolutionary Digital Billboard Technology.”

Also visit www.daktronicscom/billboards. 

  1. […] I’ve attached the press release courtesy of Joni Schmeichel (  You can also read more about the release on the Daktronics billboard blog. […]


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