A Revolutionary LED for OOH

When we introduced the DB-5000 Series last week, we also released a revolutionary new LED.  We spent a lot of time with Nichia, the industry-leading manufacturer and LED supplier. This collaboration helped us to develop a more energy-efficient LED that lowers the billboard owner’s energy bills.

And that’s not all. Our new LED contributes to higher-impact graphics in different ways. First, we adjusted this LED to target billboard viewers more directly. Second, the LEDs emit brighter light, creating whiter whites and blacker blacks. The result? Unmatched contrast for images that pop.

Check out what we’re talking about in this short video:

Have any questions on this groundbreaking LED? Comment below and we would be happy to fill you in on how this LED is changing the OOH industry, and stay tuned for future industry developments.

If you missed the big release, check out what makes the DB-5000 so special here: “Daktronics Introduces Revolutionary Digital Billboard Technology.”

Also, Visit our Out of Home Advertising section to read up on what else we are doing to push the limits in the OOH world.

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