IBO 2015 – Gettin’ Busy In The Big Easy

This Thursday, yes, this Thursday, a few of our OOH team members are headed to the IBO show in New Orleans. If you’re unfamiliar with the IBO show, it stands for Independent Billboard Operators and every year we send our experienced staff to answer industry and product questions and explain just how independent billboard operators can benefit from partnering with Daktronics.

If you are attending here are a few reasons to meet up with one of our Dakies:

  1. Get the low down on our new DB-5000 digital billboard product
  2. Learn how Venus Control Suite makes display control easy from anywhere…really…anywhere
  3. Ask for info about our leasing program
  4. We have service and warranty options coming out our ears
  5. Widest range of display resolutions to choose from
  6. And if you’re still unsure, there will be a free lunchIBO-logo-white-back

So come on down and visit with either Bobby Dedmon, Jeremy Johnson, Kevin Kantack or all three at once! We would love to see you there.

Of course we know that not everyone makes it to the event. If you have any burning questions on our new products, or old, feel free to fire away in the comment section.

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