Changes for NBA Venues

Attention NBA venues, to accommodate the addition of the pace-of-game clocks in NBA systems, there will be new settings in the Daktronics NBA Interface or also known as DSTI.

The basketball TV feed for the NBA will include an additional 5 bytes for the pace-of-game clock at the end of the existing feed. The chart below lists the new additions.

14 1 Guest Time-Outs Left – Total Right Data
15 1 Period Right Data
16 5 Time-Out Time MM:SS Data
17 2 Checksum MS, LS Footer
18 1 EOT (0x04) Footer

If you have alternate devices that read this data, please contact those manufactures to adjust accordingly.

This update may also require a firmware update to the All Sport CG to ensure compatibility.

If you have any questions regarding the new data for NBA pace of game, please reach out to our technical support team.



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