Last Play Trigger for NFL

That’s good for another first down!

The last play trigger, commonly used on television broadcasts, is now available for LED displays. What is the last play trigger you ask?

It’s an automatic display of a statistical graphic after a play has been entered by GSIS without any extra effort from game-day operators.

For example, after a pass completion the following information would automatically display;

3 Jameis Winston 15 YardCompletion

This feature uses Data Studio which allows users to modify configuration preferences for data sources and outputs. Each data source and output has specific properties that are unique to the data being sent and received. A new ITF/DID was created for the Last Play Trigger. It includes many fields which can be used with Media RTD to show a team’s logo or player’s headshot in addition to the RTD. The ITF/DID also includes both rolling and non-rolling categories. The rolling fields apply primarily to passing plays in which the Last Play Trigger will first show the passer and then roll over to the receiver. The players involved in a play are shown for an equal length of time, which can be configured by the user.

For more information on this feature reach out to your Application Engineer.

System Requirements:

  • Data Server Version
  • NFL Interface on the same computer as Data Server

    This post was written by Melissa, a Daktronics Field Customer Trainer

    This post was written by Melissa, a Daktronics Field Customer Trainer

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