Happy Hunting – Content Ideas For The Upcoming Season

240x888 Hunter Safety ClassesThe hunting season is upon us, giving digital display owners the opportunity to highlight this time of year and make more money with special content promotions. From local hunting businesses liked guided tours, archery shops and pawn shops to large scale sporting goods stores, this time of year is big business, especially in South Dakota – call us if you want to go pheasant hunting, we know the good spots.

240x888 Scheels_GearIt’s no secret that having content on your display, relevant to a certain holiday, draws attention. This content can have a lightbulb effect on companies in the hunting industry, encouraging them to buy advertising spaces.

As you can see, we have some examples of digital billboard content that goes along with the hunting theme, engages audiences and gets them to take action.

Tips for good content:

  • Catch their eye: use colors that evoke emotion
  • Make it easy to read: Choose simple fonts
  • Encourage viewers to take action: add a website or phone number

We hope these ideas get the wheels turning for your business, so you can have a profitable hunting season – just make sure your content isn’t completely camouflaged.

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