Oregon Department of Transportation Wins Best of Intelligent Transportation Systems 2015 Award With Daktronics Signs, Software

Daktronics would like to congratulate Oregon Department of Transportation on receiving Intelligent Transportation Systems’ “The Best of ITS 2015 Award” for project OR 217. The project featured Daktronics dynamic message signs and software, including Travel Time technology.


In 2013, ODOT replaced previous statewide control system software with Daktronics Vanguard® Professional Software. Daktronics provided ODOT with VF-2020 and VX-2420 dynamic message signs to establish a more automated Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS). The VX-2420s display advisory speed limits based on traffic congestion to achieve speed harmonization while the VF-2020s provide travel time information, crash and congestion data, road conditions and closures. Together, the system won the Best of ITS 2015 Award for its innovation and influence in the high-tech transportation industry.

A well-traveled state with varying terrain and weather conditions, Oregon’s DOT stands as an example how to best utilize resources on an existing roadway to maximize the distribution of information to drivers without incurring extra costs of new roadways. Daktronics is proud to be a supplier of the main components for OR 217 as well as numerous active traffic management projects across the United States.

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