FYI: Adobe CC cuts off First Two Frames from Dak MPEG Converted Files

10503782_lThe Daktronics Creative Services group noticed something interesting about previewing files in Adobe After Effects CC or Premier CC.
To compress our animations, Daktronics Creative Services use the Daktronics FFMPEG Video Converter to convert uncompressed .AVIs to H.264 compressed .MP4s

When the .MP4s are brought back in to Adobe After Effects CC or Premiere CC to be checked, the first 2 frames are missing. For example, an animation that is 300 frames only has 298 frames when viewed in After Effects CC and Premiere CC. We determined that the first two frames are cut off when viewing in in CC.

There is no need to be concerned.

The missing frames will prevent the file from looping properly when viewing in CC. However, the same file played in Quicktime, Windows media player, and Daktronics playback systems plays properly with all 300 frames.

Daktronics Creative Services has tested these files in older versions of Adobe and have narrowed it down to exclusively affecting CC users. All of the MP4 frames are shown in other digital media programs including After Effects CS6 and Premiere CS6.

This article is by Brent from Daktronics Creative Services.

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