College Town Content

Content for billboards can sometimes be difficult to come up with, in fact, sometimes it can even be frustrating. To generate interest you feel like you need to be coming up with great ideas to be putting up on your billboard, something that will get interest from those passing by.

We have talked about how great data feeds can be and what type of content you can create with them, but just knowing what 240x888 Volleyball_REV (0-00-00-00) copya data feed is won’t necessarily create that awesome content you are looking for. If you have billboards in an area with a college, or even a professional sports team, data feeds can be the bridge between the community and the game. You can
provide live scores, give a countdown to kick-off to those who might be stuck in traffic, and even give updates on remaining ticket sales.

There is no magic in creating content. It is simply thinking outside of the box and looking for ways to connect the community your billboards are located at with the outside world.

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