Syncback to the External Hard Drive

helpkeysAs a display operator, one of the worst discoveries is that your site’s DMP-7000 or DMP-8000 machine has failed, taking with it all your content from the last few seasons. Unfortunately this recently happened at University of Georgia’s baseball stadium. During a campus-wide broadcast, it was discovered that the site’s sole DMP-7000 machine refused to boot and not all of the content (stat pages, rtd headshots, etc) was backed up elsewhere. To the relief of the event producer, the Daktronics Repair Center was able to recover the content on the machine’s hard drives.

Incidents like this remind us that it is always a good idea to have a backup of all your content (including .sq7 and .vmpf files). A great way to do this if your site doesn’t have a backup machine, is to setup SyncBack to run to an external hard drive. This will allow you to manually run SyncBack when you connect the hard drive, or if it’s always connected to the machine you can schedule it to run. In the unfortunate event your machine fails, all of your content will safely reside on a separate hard drive.

To setup SyncBack, follow this KB article: How to Install and Configure SyncBack

by Katie from Daktronics Event Production

This post was written by Katie from Daktronics Event Production.


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